Premium standards, California style lives

The California style life, which is the first stage of Palm City Antalya, is now giving inspiration to the second stage with the help of its premium standards. “California Style” is not an ordinary definition for Palm City; it is a concept of comfort that fully embraces villa life. An amazing residential complex with every moment of which is a joy…

From 423 m² to 678 m²

Having highly enjoyable and spacious areas of use, Palm City Premium villas were designed in 4 main types. They were designed in such spectacular details that will make residents feel gratitude for living there. A private garden for each villa, a swimming pool and a parking lot for two cars are only a few of the features which will help strengthen the definition of Premium’s California style life…

Premium comfort

We want premium comfort to be a part of not only your house but also of your social life in the complex. Thus, health facilities and security solutions are our base priority. Fully equipped facilities of the Palm City Sports Centre is right next to you and the most popular example for our target of never-ending comfort. Having indoor and outdoor semi-Olympic swimming pools, fitness centre, tennis courts and basketball courts, sports facilities will always be accessible for your use through a membership system. Providing you and your loved ones with a 24-hour proactive security system is one of the most important solutions keeping you in peace.


The junction point of all is Palm City Premium. We invite everyone who wishes to live Antalya within a Premium’s comfort.

  • Bora Hızal @bora_hizal

    Palm City is the most special residential project in Antalya. Built as the first stage of the project, Palm City villas have been providing us with incomparable joy and pleasures for 7 years.

  • Catherine S. @cath_s

    We are currently renting a house in Laguna Houses, and looking forward to moving to our villa, which will meet all our needs, when the Palm City Modern is completed.

Teknik Özellikler

  • Residential security system with CCTV surveillance cameras, automatic Number Plate Recognition system
  • 28KW Panasonic heat pump, floor heating with zone control, Danfoss Smart, Fancoil with cooling zone control
  • 5 cm of carbon content sheathing
  • 3 glazed acoustic secure comfort and argon filled triple glazed windows
  • Silent waste water treatment plant
  • Low-voltage relay
  • Raft foundation
  • Floating floor system
  • A generator that meets all the electrical needs of the complex
  • Lightning rod
A ‘Premium’ life with the help of affordable payment options…

Please send us the communication form so that we can provide you with the information on prices, financing and houses. Let us reunite you with your dream “modern” comfort.